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Custom Amish sheds and outbuildings

Custom Amish sheds and outbuildings Custom Amish sheds and outbuildings Custom Amish sheds and outbuildings

About Us

Our Team

We have a well-rounded team with over 64 years of sales and customer services experience and 50 years of building experience. We have hand- selected the best Amish craftsman to bring you the utmost quality and affordability.   

Our Mission

Creating affordable outdoor solutions for our customers' outdoor storage and recreational needs, through high levels of integrity and customer care.

Products and options

We offer rent-to-own, financing, or cash options for our quality hand-built units. With a variety of styles and products to choose from, we are sure to have something to fit your needs: mini barns, cabins, dog kennels, chicken coops, cabanas, gazebos, and play-sets.


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Custom Options

Window Options

Window Options

Window Options



  • · 24" x 27" Window with screen & grids-$78 
  • · 24" x 27" Vinyl insulated window-$168 
  • · 24" x 36" Window with screen & grids-$96
  • · 2' wide x 3' high
  • · 24" x36" Vinyl insulated window-$204 
  • · 30" x 36” Window with screen & grids-$108
  • · 30" x 36" Vinyl insulated window-$228 
  • · Transom windows in door-$60 each
  • · Transom windows above door-$72 each
  • · 14" Octagon window-$60
  • · 18" Octagon window-$78

Door Options

Window Options

Window Options


  •  8 x 7 Non-Insulated Overhead door-$882     


  • 9 x 7 Non-insulated Overhead door-$1,002     


  • 10x7 Non-Insulated Overhead door-$1,134     


  • 6" Aluminum Threshold for doorways-INCLUDED
  • Garage Doors -- subcontracted to others, installed shortly after build.
  • 1 1/4" Fiberglass slab door-$190
  • 1 1/4" Fiberglass double slab door-$384
  • Single steel door with pre-hung
    Jamb & Keyed lock set and dead bolt-$582
  • Single wood door-$90
  • 3" Aluminum Threshold for doorway-INCLUDED
  • Ramps for standard size doors-$180       
  • 8' wide Ramp-$270       
  • 9' wide Ramp-$312         

Loft Options

Window Options

Window Accessories



  • · 4' Loft in 8' & 10' wide barn-$72
  • · 2 x 4 loft joists & 5/8" plywood4' Loft in 12" wide barns-$108
  • · 2 x 6 loft joists & 5/8" plywood4' Loft in 14' wide barns-$144
  • · 2 x 8 loft joists & 3/4" plywood4' Loft in 16' wide barns-$167

Window Accessories

Window Accessories

Window Accessories



  •  Shutters (Wood or Vinyl)-$42
  • · 2' Poly Flower Boxes-$30
  •  2' Cedar Flower Boxes-$54
  •  4' Cedar Flower Boxes-$96


Window Accessories




W1"x6" Cedar Fascia per lin. ft. $2.34

Ridge vent per 4' section-$30

Felt Paper-$0.72 per sq. ft.

Ridge light-$90

Decorative Hinges (per door)-$30

Steel Barn Anchors (set of four)-$120

Decorative Braces (per set)-$180


Steel Roofing (excluding Barn Styles)-$2.70 per sq. ft.

Steel Roofing (Barn Style)-$4.20 per sq. ft.

Steel roofing (Budget Barns)-$3.00 per sq. ft. 


Window Accessories




  •  Pine 20"-$186


  • Cedar 20"-$240


  • Vinyl 20"-$390

  •  Steel Roofing 20"-$114 

  • Pine 24"-$240

  • Cedar 24"-$402

  • Vinyl 24"-$475

  • Steel Roofing 24"-$132

  • Pine 30"-$300

  • Cedar 30"-$475

  • Vinyl 30"-$660

  • Steel Roofing30"-$162






*A certified escort vehicle is required for any structure over 12' in overall width. This includes but not limited to, 12' deluxe sheds, horse stall barns & run-in sheds as they have a 1' to 2' overhang. Escort vehicle fees are included in the cost of the delivery.
**Double wide structures over 24' long, will require (2) delivery trucks, this fee is included in the cost of the delivery.





When will my building arrive? 

You can expect your new shed or barn to be scheduled for delivery between 2-4 weeks, at times it is 4-8 weeks.

How do I prepare my site?

Prepare the site by leveling the ground. You want to create a pad by digging down about 4 inches into the soil and topping it with limestone gravel (#57). 

What if I'm unsure of my building size  or ability to access my space

No Worries, we send our consultant right to you. They will check your site and give you build suggestions. 

How does rent-to-own work

This is a no credit check option. Application can be done right at the time of your appointment. It's a lease as you go option with monthly payments

Why don't I see any prices listed?

We custom build our units we have a wide variety of styles, sizes and custom options each customer and project is different. 





Scott A.
Waynesburg, Ohio

"Excellent Company to purchase from. We purchased one of their clearance units a couple months ago but with the rainy weather we were just able to get it delivered.  I called to let them know that we were finally ready for the delivery of our shed, and they brought it out the next day. The delivery guy came by himself but was amazing. He was able to navigate the trailer to our back yard between houses and place it perfectly on our spot. I was amazed!!
Very Friendly office staff as well, willing to help and knowledgeable!!!"

Rick & Lucinda Z.

"We are very satisfied with the Vinyl Shed that you built for us, we are very pleased with the outcome. Please Thank all your employees for a job well done, you have exceeded our expectation.!"

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